Erkin Koray – Fesuphanallah (Official Audio) From The Album “The Best of… The Best” (2020)

Erkin Koray - Fesuphanallah (Official Audio) From The Album "The Best of... The Best" (2020)

Erkin Koray is the CHAMPION OF BOOTLEG ALBUMS of the world! 🏆 Those albums have songs with wrong pitches, wrong speed and tonalities and they are of ”very bad sound quality” on top of all that.

The ”real ones” though can only be found in second-hand record or bookstores if you are lucky enough to find the right ones.

In this album, you’ll find the original recordings of studios, or of the single & LP records directly from Erkin Koray archives; on the right pitch, right speed and right tonality. There is no effort for adaptation to 2020s by adding artificial stereo, no nothing! Everything’s plain! If it was recorded in mono in 1967, you’ll hear it in mono in this album.

Therefore… the name of this album is ”The Best of The Best”.

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